The plan...lift your boats.

This is the plan.† You have information.† You need information.† Specifically, you need to know what your firm pays your colleagues in other cities.† If the Alabama office makes as much as the New York office while Alabama has a far lower cost of living, then the New York team should get more money (or transfer to Alabama ó kidding).† If departments with no work get bonuses while the busy departments donít, that ainít right.

Better yet, tell us what you want to know! Do something. At least stand up before you get pushed around!

Disclose ó tell us what you are making.

Learn ó figure out how your office stacks up.

Utilize ó† you found your footing, now make your pitch.†

Given that you will provide only information that is accurate, that† you are legally entitled to have, and that you are free to disclose, send us your year, department, current base salary, firm and location.† BTW, by sending us anything, you agree to the foregoing.

You can send anonymously. We donít care., after we figure out just how to do it, will coordinate the information and make it available to you.

Do it.† You want to.† Lift your boats!

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P.S., this website was built on February 11, 2010.† The ink is still wet.† Hence, the email address might not work for a day or so.


Disclose, Learn, Utilize